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How to Rate a Hotel

Rating a hotel is a very powerful tool to help others who are having a hard time deciding the best lodging accommodations for them. Rating a hotel, whether your experience is the best or not, it is best to give the appropriate and concrete information according to your stay to help the tourists make the best choice. If you had the best experience, it is better to share it. If you don’t have experience in writing hotel reviews, we are here to share some tips for you!

Start With the Basic

Whether you are writing travel reviews, hotel reviews, or any other kind of reviews, it is better to start with the basics. You can start by writing about your experience. On the first line, state your experience no matter how positive, neutral, or negative it is. You can also highlight the notable parts of your stay in a particular hotel. Also, don’t forget to rate, especially if the website has the selection for star or numeric ratings. Remember that there is a higher possibility that the reader will only look at the ratings and title, so it is best to give an accurate review.

Include Photos

If there is an opportunity to include some photos on the website, take advantage of that chance because it can surely catch the tickle of the readers, and it can help them envision your experience. You can use the best and most attractive photos that can demonstrate your stay. For example, if you are having a sumptuous lunch in the hotel, you can post a photo showing how mouthwatering this food was.

Look at the Bigger Picture

If small errors occur like forgetting the toothpaste or any petty things, always remember that it is still forgivable, especially if your overall experience was excellent. The readers might want to see all the details, but don’t let the small and unimportant things affect their decision.

Be Creative and Descriptive

When writing a review about the choice hotel, it is not advisable to only say that the hotel is nice. The best thing to do is to state the things that make the hotel nice. If you have fallen in love with the hotel’s design, provide more details about it. You can state if it is classic or modern or what colors it has. You can also tell more of the arts in their walls or in their lobby. Similarly, if you love their foodservice, include it in the review. Just make sure that you use a more creative language.

Be Authentic- but Don’t Be Insulting

There is no doubt that there are some hotels that are biting back for the negative reviews that they have received. There is a case in the UK where a guest was sued by a hotelier after leaving a scornful review online. Yes, it is necessary to be truthful about your experience, but make sure that you don’t cross the line by saying the things that could damage the hotel’s reputation seriously. At the end of the day, being stress-free and having fun are the most important things.

Nowadays, many hotels are having their websites to write your review. And most of the tourists want to read reviews before choosing their hotels. If you are interested in writing an assessment from your experience, the tips written above can surely help you create meaningful hotel reviews.